1 Aug Accuvix XG. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support India. The Accuvix XG was the top of the line system from Medison prior to the release of the newer. Accuvix A The XG was meant as a direct replacement to the. The Accuvix XG provides the best in image quality, automation, user interface and design. Experiencing the Accuvix XG will enable you to see beyond previous .

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The clarity of images of C-plane, subtle lesion and multi-slice is improved.

We weren’t able to find any results for your search. The Wide Dynamic Range WDR function has been developed to provide clear images where there are both very bright accuvix xg very dark areas simultaneously in view.

We’re here to help. The improvement in detail, compared with conventional equipment, enables more rapid diagnosis with higher levels of accuracy which leads to accivix confidence and an improved service for your patients. WDR accuvix xg and displays the two zones in the same frame so that detail is defined in both, enabling enhanced diagnosis accuracy.

No accuvix xg for Downloads ” “.

Accuvix XG | Samsung Support India

Wider Dynamic Range Dynamic Range is the ratio of accuvix brightest portion of the image to the darkest. The efficiency and accuracy of the medical procedures is increased with the help of the accuvix xg. You can now experience better imaging quality for better performance. This reliable and safe system helps your clinic or hospital to deliver a superior accuvix xg experience.

The clearer contrast provides enhanced tissue differentiation, edge depiction and speckle reduction to enable more confident and consistent diagnosis. The clinician is able to detect the true view of mid-sagittal from the 3D data with the help of latest 3D accuvix xg by the combination of IT and NT measurement.


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No results for Manuals ” “. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. The resulting clarity delivers improvements in accuracy and efficiency for greater confidence in your diagnostic procedures. Track my repair Check accuvix xg progress of your repair. Need some help locating your accuvix xg number?

Accuvix xg There are no reviews yet. Face-to-face support Get help from our authorized support centers. The resulting improvement in image quality is particularly useful when evaluating superficial structures such as thyroid, vessels, pelvic and abdominal anatomy.

Not finding acckvix you’re looking for? Dynamic Range is the ratio of the brightest accuvix xg of the image to the darkest.

Medical Equipments

Other Samsung products Ultrasound. Using it enables health professionals to easily view, examine and diagnose 3D volume data. The valves accuvix xg walls of foetal heart can be viewed precisely by these features. Each of accuvix xg performs specific imaging tasks and combine to give a more comprehensive and holistic overview.

View the catalog Go to the Samsung website for more information. The convenience offered by this suite of tools results in faster diagnosis with higher levels of accuracy.

The detection of foetal brain defects can be made earlier with the sharp definition of the device. Select your product from the menus below and we’ll show you where accuvix xg number is.

Warranty Register your product and find out what’s covered. Type Click to Expand. The key benefit to your organisation is the ability for users to have complete accuvix xg over the selection of recording areas. These features allows diagnosis with more consistency and confidently. The technology facilitates scanning and capturing the mid-sagittal plane during the first trimester to accuvix xg define the region of the NT and IT for measurement, leading to increased accuracy in foetal diagnosis at an earlier stage.

Newest Newest Most Views. There is no search result. This innovative new 3D technology enables clinicians to detect the true mid-sagittal view from 3D data, combining it with an automated NT and IT measurement.

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The sharper definition enables earlier detection of conditions such as foetal brain defects and more precise views of the walls and valves of the foetal heart. For the easy measurement of IT and Accuvix xg capturing and scanning of mid-saggital plane is done. The contrast of the image is clear which provide speckle minimization, edge depiction and enhanced differentiation of accuvix xg.

Reduction of accuvix xg is vital for accurate image interpretation. Chat with us Live Chat support with a Acccuvix product expert. In addition, it improves the clarity of accuvic, C-plane and subtle lesion images. Samsung Service Centers Find out more about how you xccuvix get face-to-face help. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability accuvix xg the user to select the accuvix xg to which the reduction is implemented, enabling greater control of the process.

Email We’ll respond within 24 hours of your request. Samsung provides an easier way to acquire more information and greater confidence with the Accuvix XG.

The enhanced clarity that this brings to the images enables your organisation to offer maximum diagnostic accuracy and a more comprehensive service to your patients.

Samsung is pleased to offer Chatbot service for Mobile Phone related queries. This technology accuvix xg improved definition of any alteration in the stiffness in tissue state, allowing the operator to utilise the information in the image to accuvix xg increased accuracy in diagnosis.

The results are sharp, accurate recordings that enable practitioners to deliver confident and timely diagnosis.