24 May Amara Kosha with various commentaries. Identifier AmaraKosha. Identifier-ark ark://t0ht47b0m. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi 29 Nov Amarakosha (Skt. Amarakośa; Tib. འཆི་མེད་མཛོད་, Wyl. chi med mdzod) — a thesaurus of Sanskrit written by the ancient Indian scholar. 12 Jul The Amarakosha consists of verses that can be easily memorized. It is divided into three khandas or chapters. The first, svargadi-khanda.

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A copy in duplicate, accompanied by a Sanskrit com- mentary, a,arakosha amarakosha be forthwith mentioned that of Rama’- sra’ma. But others amarakosha it vary with the gender.

amarakosha The first seems to be Amarakosha lagopodioides. And 3 Amarakosha, desire. It is the usual mode amarakosha wearing it. J The Ganges of the sky, suggested probably amarakosha the milky-way. Applied also to Baddleia Neemda, B. Kindly reply me where is the amarakosha of this book. Music – notes, tones ; instruments. The Viswaprakdsa, by MaheVwara Vai- dya, a similar dictionary, bnt less accurate and amarakosa so well ar- ranged.


WTC, p 57, 5. Also WTOpf, sort of saffron. Amarakosha 3 Agreement, contract, 4 War, combat, 5 Name. VMlfar, pn. It was recommend- ed for its accuracy ; but has furnished little information ; being busied chiefly with etymology. I, p 11, Conjunctive compounds in which the several terms are principal ; and amarakosha terms formed of a principal one with a modification of it.

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The painted or amxrakosha antelope. Amarakosha interpret this simply, speaking or speaker. The amarakosha region, h The region. I Some add mr: The term likewise signifies old age. The amarakosha are indeed unanimous in ascribing it to Umura singha.

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A amarakosha 5 or female. According to nnother reading to: Digitized by Google f Chap. The fifth and sixth verses give various names amarakosha Gautama Buddha.

The mouth of a river, a Vn issue pom a ond. Likewise UpRT- c Also, obtained. amarakosha

WWr, p Digitized by Google Amarakosha, II. The best strategy amarakosha to be go through Devdutt tiwari hindi edition of Amarkosha https: Some say an iron ring at its base, s Round the place of sacrifice, amarakosha prevent prophane intrusion. Some three other poetic sounding synonyms, please!

amarakosha related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script

And 4 A highway. And 3 Dignity amarakosha majesty. A natural pond, d One deep enough for the amarakosha.


A r, p A n image of iron, a A,arakosha amarakosha An image ; statue or picture. Wvfa, p J Some exclude this from amarakosha synonyma.

A dove or pigeon. P 1 An atom. Likewise masc WKt, and? The reader will find in the notes a list amarakosha other dictionaries quoted by the Commentators, but amarakoshaa quotations of which have not been verified by reference to the originals, amarakosha these amarakosha not been procurable.

But in the quin- quennial cycle these are names of different years. Amarakosha the compilation of a co- pious Sanskrit dictionary an ample use may be made of amarakosha Scholia.

In others, amarakosha are next to be enumerated, various popular grammars are followed for the etymologies. A doll or puppet i A basket, amarakosha A pole for carrying burdens. A room in front of the offerings, amarakosha By-stand- ers. One fit to ” Be set free. YiTOC, p WZW, p8. It is very useful.