11 Nov Literature – Book Review Faceless by Amma Darko. Faceless is a satirical narrative that criticizes families and a society who allows their young. Faceless has ratings and 15 reviews. Shanique said: I first read this book while an exchange student at the University of Ghana. ‘Faceless’ brings at. Faceless, Amma Darko’s third novel after Beyond the Horizon and The Housemaid, is the tragic story of street children in Accra, Ghana told through a chaotic.

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There will be no kings in Nigeria: It is through their eyes amma darko faceless the answers to the myriad moral predicaments that society finds itself in, are to be found.

By separating amma darko faceless from the characters, we are able fceless be aware of the thoughts of different characters, principal characters and past events; as well as their diverse motivations. As the main drako convert their library center into a practical street initiative, the novel invokes the squalor, health risks, and vicious cycles of poverty and violence that darki children to the streets and women to prostitution; and, from which, ultimately, no one in the society is free.

Enraged at her refusal, Poison slapped and tried to beat her into submission. Land and Natural Resources. Enraged at her refusal, Poison slapped and tried to beat her into submission.

She therefore urged Amma darko faceless to leave for her safety.

Faceless by Amma Darko

Faceless revolves wmma around Baby T and the circumstances leading to her death. Please read, and abide by the copyright notice on the RHS menu amma darko faceless my blog: Read my review here http: Darko skilfully reveals details about Baby T during the progression of the novel through her younger sister Fofo, herself a street child who comes into contact with group of women amma darko faceless run a documentation NGO called MUTE.


Baby T was found dead on the concrete floor with her amma darko faceless split open. This is the act of being sensitive and responsive to the need of one’s immediate society. Sub-Saharan PublishersGhana.

It is believed that she is cursed by her mother when she was being given birth to. Amma Darko is one of the most significant amma darko faceless Ghanaian literary writers. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses cookies. She was woken up caceless by Poisona street lord who attempted to rape her.

The reader sees the situation from both angles. Maryellen rated it really amma darko faceless it Jul 27, So, he goes in search of Baby T and Kpakpo helps him connect with her once again. They are denied basic rights, they are exploited physically, mentally facepess sexually.

‘Faceless’ by Amma Darko | Pambazuka News

Our eBooks are available from many more retailers, simply search with the ISBN to find it somewhere else. Then she worked for the Science and Technology Center in Kumasi. Amma darko faceless Here to Download. She is intelligent and brave.

Facleess it are captured the Kweku Ananse stories. Kamame Language The author uses simple, everyday English language with some Ghanaian vernacular. Amma Darko in very graphic details presents sociological issues of child-neglect, gender, child abuse, defilement of girls, child-trafficking, child-labour, and violence. She studied in Kumasi, where she received her diploma in In the end, we all bear xmma responsibility one way or the other.


She has to work hard for amma darko faceless parents and brothers and is unable to attend school regularly. During the s, she lived and worked for some time in Germany. Many years later, their grown-up twin daughters are confronted with information about the collapse of amma darko faceless parents’ marriage.

Fofo resists him and runs to Odarley, her best friend who lives in a rented wooden shack. Peter rated it it was amazing Jan facelses, Clearly the situation is untenable and Kpakpo has the answer.

Amma Darko

Faceless by Amma Darko Ghana. Pan-Africanists meet in Accra to amma darko faceless strategies for uniting Africa. Her father disappeared, leaving her mother to fend for herself amma darko faceless children. Darko’s first novel is influenced by her impressions of Germany, observing the interaction between Germans and Ghanaian immigrants.

Skip to main content. With a problematic car called Creamy, she zmma to combine career with her responsibilities as wife and mother.

Faceless by Amma Darko Ghana 1 17 Mar 01, Amma darko faceless author uses his character to show that with male children, streetism takes a ammw twist as it makes them almost irredeemable.