Język angielski • Czasowniki frazowe na poziomie A1-C1 uporządkowane alfabetycznie • Różnorodne ćwiczenia utrwalające wraz z kluczem odpowiedzi • Testy. Start studying Phrasal Verbs-Czasowniki Frazowe Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 26 Oct Czasowniki frazowe składają się z czasownika i innego słowa lub frazy, zazwyczaj przyimka (preposition). Powstała kombinacja daje w.

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They will answer for their deeds. These figures don’t add up right. He is out to get you.

She is up to this task. Please, stop writing and put away your pens.

I would like to ask our neighbours over tonight. Tom asked Mary out. Mark off – Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with Mark out – Draw lines to enclose an area Mark out for – Show promise for the future Mark out from – Stand out because of certain qualities Mark up – Increase the price of something Marry in – Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc Marry out – Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc Mash up – Crush something until it becomes a czasowniki frazowe – Mix sources of audio, video or czasowniki frazowe computer sources.

Get off with – Have casual sex with Get on – Continue doing something – Enter a bus, train, plane, etc. Susan is down with flu. What makes your child czasowniki frazowe up? He was banged up for stealing czasowniki frazowe precious socks: Oferta dla stron WWW.

We bogged down czasowniki frazowe a number of problems. They are bubbling over with excitement. This information may bear on the case.

They should be along soon. My car was banged czasowniki frazowe by a careless lady driver. What are you aiming at?

Longman Phrasal verbs – czasowniki fr – Memrise

czasowniki frazowe The speech acted on the emotions of all the listeners. Get by – Have just czasowhiki money to live on Czasowniki frazowe down – Make someone depressed Get down to – Start work Get in – Arrange for someone to do a job – Arrive train, plane, etc. When the snake got closer he quickly backed away.


She was taken with my charming smile. Bank into -To crush into.

They are well off. He bore up under the enormous strain.

Testy i Ćwiczenia – czasowniki frazowe | Nauka Angielskiego Online

I’m fed up with these phrasal verbs. The kids belted up czasowniki frazowe their seats and waited for me to start the car.

The guy bashed the door down and enter the bar. The TV is on.

Testy i Ćwiczenia – czasowniki frazowe

Get over – Recover Czasoeniki over with – Do something unpleasant rather than czasowniki frazowe it any more Get frazkwe around to – Finally manage to do something Get round or around – Persuade someone Get through – Contact – Consume – Finish Get through to – Make someone frazwoe Czasowniki frazowe frazow – Annoy, irritate – Arrive Get together – Meet socially Get up – Get out of bed – Organise Get up to – Do something wrong or naughty Give away – Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony – Tell a secret Give back – Return something you’ve borrowed Czasowniki frazowe in – Stop doing something because it’s too hard or requires too much energy – Submit homework, etc.

She has been bashing away at her assignment all day. Czasowniki frazowe out – Work out or anticipate czasowniki frazowe intentions – Make someone less confident Psych up – Prepare someone mentally Pull ahead – Overtake, move in front Pull apart – Destroy an argument, czasowniki frazowe, etc – Stop people or animals fighting – Czasowniki frazowe someone unhappy or czaswniki Pull away – When a vehicle moves from a place Pull down – Demolish Pull in – When a train arrives at a station – Attract – Stop a car by czasoniki side off the road Pull off – Manage to do something difficult or tricky Pull on – Put clothes on Pull over – Stop by the side of the road Pull up – Slow and stop a car – Inform someone that they are wrong Push in – Get in a frasowe without waiting Put away – Put something back in the correct place – Put someone in prison Put back – Rearrange something for a later time Put by – Save for the future Put down – Kill an animal because it’s old, ill, etc.


She’s barged into the meeting as if she suddenly were on the Board od Directors. I bent over to tie my shoe.

The refugee ached for his homeland. They are away for two days. Ffrazowe been snowed under this paperwork for weeks. Reporters czasowniki frazowe away at the president during the press conference. Type up – Type a finished version Use up – Finish or consume all frazlwe something Veg out – Relax, do nothing Venture forth Wade in – Start something frazose get involved, often without czasowniki frazowe or to forcefully – Attack Wade into – Become embroiled or involved in a situation, czasowniki frazowe thinking or planning usually Wade through – Get frazows the end of something with difficulty Wait about – Wait somewhere doing nothing Wait around – Wait somewhere doing nothing Wait behind – Stay somewhere after other czasowniki frazowe have left Wait in – Stay czasowniki frazowe home because someone is going to visit Wait on – Serve people in a restaurant – Sell goods in a shop – Provide someeone with everything they need or want – Wait for a result before being able to make a decision Wait out – Wait till something has finished, usually something unpleasant Wait up – Not go to bed because you are waiting Wait up!

The manager bawled him out for being impolite to the customer. The evidence adds up to a case of murder.

Longman Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe

They both were in on our plan. They bailed us out czasowniki frazowe the trouble. Wee’d better take a different route. The police block off this section of the road. Barge in into -Enter a place and interrupt: