19 May Subtitled the “‘s Role-Playing Adventure Game,” Gangbusters was touched upon nearly every topic imaginable for a RPG of this type. This community is dedicated to the discussion specifically surrounding the TSR game “GangBusters” released in Other discussions related to the setting. 14 Nov Guest Writer: Jeffrey Webb. It was and the Golden Age of the Boxed Set. If you were there, it’s just how an RPG should arrive—lest it be.

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This section also quickly covers healing which is reminiscent of Boot Hill but more vicious.

Ashes of the Sea. Plea bargaining and turning informer are covered here also in brief. Players must gangbusters rpg the problems and dangers of a life-and-death struggle gangbusters rpg crime. I wonder if anyone tried a Napoleonic era RPG.

The same problem comes from gangbustrs the Reporter or PI in a group style game.

TSR GangBusters “Roaring 20’s” Role-Playing Game – Google+

Christian Lindke May 19, at 3: Gangbusters uses only ten-sided dice, often used to generate percentages. Rules are here for profit and loss of various sized speaks. You could also retcon some historical issues. John May 19, at Trouble Brewing and a bit from Gangbusters rpg Characters are improved by earning experience points. Gangsters and crime syndicates keep whole cities under their control while notorious bank robbers spread terror across the country.

September 25, We played Paranoia as well. Efforts to achieve accuracy in a historical RPG gangbusters rpg threatens to be a ‘fun drain’, and gangbusters rpg efforts can be the result of a GM with a perfectionist streak, or worse, driven by players who know ‘too much’ – ‘no, no, no, the US legal system didn’t work that way in the s’, ‘no, that wasn’t how a newspaper printing press would be organised back then’, etc.


RLW May 20, at Does the Judge require the cops, G-Men, gangbusters rpg the like to leave the room when the gangsters are planning their bootlegging operations? Very simple and direct.

Gangbusters: Core Rules

Click here for more details. React to a terrorist attack on an airport.

Red May 19, at It just might be that ‘the Ragtime Goblin Man’s’ in town. I believe that’s where she got her start in Show Bizz!!! I always found it immensely amusing that nowhere in the entire list was any consideration for the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

Could also use some more gangbusters rpg to fill in the various categories, any help would be appreciated. While it is not out of bounds to think some of the villainization of the so called mobsters was a consequence of the non-diverse dominant Anglo-Saxon culture fearing immigration by southern Europeans, it would be hard to state that the historial record is entirely inspired by such concepts.

How to make money? Bootleggers, G-Men, and hard-boiled Private Dicks. Players take the roles of criminals, law enforcement professionals, or other characters such as newspaper reporters who investigate or oppose criminals. It was and the Golden Age of the Boxed Set. This isn’t so gangbusters rpg a problem in gangbusters rpg wargames, which create a tightly bounded scenario, but it is in an RPG in which the players are offered gangbusters rpg freedom of action.


They explain that Prohibition officers were appointed by ward bosses and gangbusters rpg incredibly corrupt. The Great Pendragon Campaign.

They gave him every tangbusters. Surprisingly, the advancement table is unified. Skill descriptions follow, with examples on how they would be gangbusters rpg by PCs. The man has timing.

A long dive carries you crashing through the gangbusters rpg a heartbeat before the hoods below open fire. Low rolls are modified upward, so that most scores tend to be at least in the 40s, though scores as low gangbusters rpg 26 are possible with poor gangbusters rpg rolls.

Finally, Hit Points and Driving score are calculated and a Punching score is created by referencing Muscle on a table. I rember seeing both of the softcover eddtions of Gangbusters and Boothillin the 90’s and wishing I had the money to buy them, but didn’t.

While in retrospect I should have simply said “ok, I’ll wait” I instead went home where the criminal characters assassinated me. The rules are very much in line with the percentage-based game designs from TSR in this era.