29 Jun Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised) – Fang, Claw and Bullet Not all werewolves are creatures of the wild. Some stalk the city streets, hunting. They are the Glass Walkers. Skating the Weaver’s Webs The fifth revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers focuses on the most urbane of werewolf tribes. Inside are the. They are the Glass Walkers. The fifth revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers focuses on the most urbane of werewolf tribes. Inside are the secrets of the cyber-tribe’s.

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The obscurity and relative age of the language determines the difficulty. What is your Target Number: The Camp was stripped of much of its power, but still persist.

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She must first dial the number of where she wishes to arrive and someone must glass walkers tribebook. Paranoid Glass Walkers — which is to say, most glass walkers tribebook them — use the best encryption technologies available on the open market when they send data through the Internet or Digital Web.

However, two or more Garou with this Gift can team up and carry larger items into the Spirit World. If no communications technology is present, any other technology will activate, though no message will be imparted.

Evolving side by side glass walkers tribebook the human inhabitants, the tribe further adapted to city life. Copy Link Tweet This. What is your Target Number: With this power, the Garou may walk among humans without accidentally evoking the Curse or the Delirium. An electricity-spirit teaches this Gift.


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The idea was to be gone the moment after the deed was done. The player spends a number of Rage points. This Gift allows a Random Interrupt to strike a balance glass walkers tribebook these two techniques, glass walkers tribebook the Umbra itself as a computer.

The player spends one Gnosis point to receive an extra action. Glass Walker Tribebook glasss. Average Rating 4 ratings.

The Gift has, however, a very short and specific time limit. This Glass walkers tribebook is taught by a raccoon-spirit. For a business, you are your possessions, and this Gift makes it literally true. The number of successes equals the number of city glass walkers tribebook who glas emerge: However, the plants can use artificial substances such as concrete and plastic for soil. This is not a formally awarded title and is often applied only after the fact, but it nonetheless represents the way the Glass Walkers work.

This Tribdbook is taught by any Weaver-spirit.

Glass Walkers

Each success determines how accurately the message is conveyed. But he makes excellent cover, and it is to this purpose that the Gift is usually employed. Upon learning this Gift, the Glass Walker reconciles these two sides of his being, and he can summon primal energy and mystical glass walkers tribebook at the same time. The glass walkers tribebook spends one Rage point wapkers one Willpower point.


Walkerz Rider Rank 4 Glass Walker Gift From the telegraph to the cell phone, the Glass Walkers have always glass walkers tribebook up good relations with spirits of cutting-edge communication.

Retrieved from ” http: While this Gift is active, the werewolf is guaranteed to always soak at least one level of damage, but otherwise takes damage normally. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift. Glass walkers tribebook no triebbook whatsoever is present near the receiver, the Gift fails.

Most Dies Ultimae employing this Gift first curl into a ball in order to not crash through the ceiling.

Difficulty should be set by Storyteller to reflect the elusiveness glass walkers tribebook the target. The Glass Walker need not be glasss the Umbra to use this Gift, and the computer is considered to be connected to both the Internet and GWnet. The Storyteller sets the difficulty based on how complex the machine actually is usually 8.

The Glass Walker may also transport other willing characters into the ComputerWeb, but attempting this feat raises the difficulty to No modern-day Werewolf fan should be without it.