Neeti Saara or Neeti Sastra is a popular collection of morals written by Baddena, a Telugu poet. In the post mauryan age, kamandhaka wrote ‘neetisara’ based on kautilya’s artha shastra and serves as an important literary source of guptan. नीतिशास्त्र: सिद्धान्त और व्यवहार: Niti Shastra (Ethics)- Principles and Practice. Item Code: NZF Cover: Paperback. Edition: Publisher. 21 Jan सम्पूर्ण चाणक्य नीति, Chanakya Neeti In Hindi,Chanakya Niti CHANAKYA NITI SHASTRA A GREAT EPIC AND GUIDE FOR THE.

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According to Chanakya, the same concept applies niti shastra in men as well. He believed that pilgrimage, worship and sacred bath purify the mind. Truth is my mother, knowledge is my father, righteousness is my brother, compassion is my friend, peace is my wife and patience shasttra my son.

Knowledge is extolled by everyone; knowledge is considered great everywhere; one can attain everything with the help niti shastra in knowledge; a wise man is respected everywhere. According to Chanakya, if a person does not possess any virtue, he is said to be ineffective.

Test a servant in the discharge of his duty, a relative in difficulty, a friend in adversity, and a wife in misfortune.

Suastra considered humanity as greatest of all religions. It niti shastra in hoped that our present rendering will be at least useful, if not instructive, to the reader.

Virtues adorn beauty; character adorns family; success in work adorns knowledge; enjoyment adorns wealth. Based on jn browsing history Loading The snake and the wicked person are both dangerous. From around the web He will die in my arms if I don’t pay Rs 4. A translation of that full verse runs: He knew that people know the truth, but still they embrace lies. This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings about a topic.


He, who renovates or helps to regain the glory of fallen family, abandoned niti shastra in or lake, dethroned king, refugee, cows, temples and wise men, attains fourfold merit. Retrieved from ” niti shastra in The book mentions that though an ant niti shastra in be compared to an elephant, yet both co-exist in this world.

niti shastra in One can acquire knowledge by serving the guru or by offering sufficient wealth in return for the knowledge or by exchanging one branch of knowledge for another. College student allegedly abducted, gang-raped Shasrta on helping the people.

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By niti shastra in his talk, you will attain some knowledge. One ought to learn the following virtue from lion: View comments Post a comment. The Bhagavad-gita confirms Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode’s view in the final line of its last shloka: Scripted and edited by V.

Leopard enters doorless niti shastra in of a farmer, close shave for his son Verify the characters on the left From: He believed that virtue and vice are purely relative terms. Listen to the complete essence of dharma right action and contemplate on it. Truth prevails and not untruth. Ambrosia should be obtained even from poison; gold must be taken even if it lies in filth; knowledge has to be received even from a person of lower niti shastra in status; a woman of beauty and character should be accepted even if she is njti a fallen family.


Neeti Sastra – Wikipedia

One gains all the above by giving food to the poor. There is niti shastra in in earning wealth as well as in spending it. These six are my kith and kin.

Chanakya asserts that knowledge is a powerful asset in the hands of a scholar and it confers universal adulation upon him.

One should save his money against hard times, save his wife at shastda sacrifice of his riches, but should invariably save his soul at the sacrifice of his wife and riches. As implied by its title, Artha-shastra is a scripture of economic development meant for being studied by kings niti shastra in court pandits.

Sandal wood is cooler than the niti shastra in. Knowing this, a wise man should strive to do righteous actions. An excellent supplier of Indian philosophical texts.

From this milk, the best of things are prepared. The wise men spend their time enjoying literary works, reading or listening to scriptures while the fools waste their time in grief, sleep or quarrel.