PXD SOFTWARE USER’S MANUAL. Date: April version: (Note: PX D software can program PXA and PXD, but PXA software. PUXING PX (UHF or VHF) the time to write down how to manually program the PX radios. . I found it easier than the manual too. 16 Jan For a lot of reasons I wasn’t able to finish up this Puxing PXK manual – headset. puxing-pxK From left to right: Icom IC-T3H.

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August 30th, At what point does it go wrong? Total cost was about 60 euros. Who is online Users browsing this forum: August 20th, I am also in the process of making a Guide for puxing px-888 manual Programming Software.

Puxing PX Manuals

This is a problem caused by poor choice of materials, and rather typical for cheap Chinese HTs. There aren’t any “unlicenced” frequencies other than the pmr ones and CB, atleast in the UK anyway. Share Google Facebook Twitter Reddit. I know that isn’t really what you asked, but it’s the internet, and I like to type things that don’t matter. Thought I would make it after i messed around with the Puxing to make it mnual for everyone else to use. TX audio is still muffled, and the lack of highs makes your transmission hard to listen to.

Find More Puxing px-888 manual puxong kosh. Originally Posted by Penny62 how do puxing px-888 manual reset puxing px-888 manual puxing so that I can reprogram them correctly. Phase noise is generally low, but the signal is not entirely clean. Just bought or sold this model? I have manuaal px and can not name the channels. June 1st, Any feedback if you encounter newer models, etc. Eagle Driver’s distilled programming guide is an excellent reference.


Find More Posts by EagleDriver. Is there any way to puxing px-888 manual the firmware? Will there be any difference between the 25cm and 40cm? I guess we give it a try with the Nagoyas. Any way you could test please?

There are 2 versions of the software. One more press switches back to VFO mode. I can live with that.

Note that the transmit channel is not a primary channel, so if the secondary channel is receiving puxing px-888 manual someone transmits on the primary channel, you will NOT hear the primary transmission. They can receive two channels and transmit on one.

While those ancient Icoms were built like puxing px-888 manual tank, puxing px-888 manual radio should be handled with a bit more care. Usability of the software is not great, but it does the job well enough. Experimenting puxung always good; maybe an other antenna does make a difference. Will the next movie in the series be The Fast and The Funeral?

The of plastic at the bottom looks like it could crack easily.

I’ve programmed puxing px-888 manual local repeaters and some mariphone channels. I never had a Puxing myself before, but I remembered the distinct TX audio sound of earlier models: The PX can be used for both amateur and commercial applications.


Manually programming the Puxing PX-888

Have you spotted an error or can you provide additional information? Scanning is, as usual with Chinese radios, slow.

The background color of the LCD can be switched from amber default to blue or purple. When set to Scrambler level 4 which, for some reason, seemed to be the hardest one to decode puxing px-888 manual having another Puxingpuxing px-888 manual stations could not recognize their manyal call sign, not even when ouxing slowly and clearly. Hi, Im new at this, so sorry I my question is too stupid. With programming software, you can enter the frequencies as required by narrow band regulations.

Speaking to people in foreign lands, with various configurations of copper wire in various strange shapes – my friends think I’m committing acts of witchcraft I really px-888 that scrambler option. Before I had a BFS and we had sometimes puxing px-888 manual to communicate in forrest environments.

TX audio is muffled. Send a private message to Trendkilla. Originally Posted by FirestormX I know that isn’t really what you asked, but it’s the internet, and I like to type things that don’t matter. Add your own story for the Puxing PX