Raíces by Alex Haley and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Title, Raíces Issue 1 of Best Sellers. Author, Alex Haley. Publisher, Origen, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. Madrid. 23 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Colección ‘Best seller’. Traducción del inglés Rolando Costa Picazo. Haley.

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Meanwhile, George and another black man named Cyrus T. Using some cunning and deception of their own, the group makes preparations for their move away.

Ultramar — pp CS. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. George wins and celebrates his newfound freedom. Retrieved February raices alex haley, In Sam Bennett Raices alex haley Roundtreea fancy carriage driver and a suitor who seeks to impress, takes Kizzy for a short visit raices alex haley the plantation raices alex haley Dr.

Though some prominent jazzers turn up in the orchestra, there is not a trace of jazz to be heard. This provokes the other captives, and to prevent a mutiny, the ship’s crew have Silla’s arm cut off, not only because of it being infected raices alex haley the gunshot, but also to intimidate the other prisoners.

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While boarding the ship, Silla attempts to escape, but is shot in the arm and restrained. Raices alex haley originally rwices on ABC for eight consecutive nights from January 23 to 30, More information about this seller Contact this raices alex haley 9. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7.

The score was composed by Gerald Friedand Quincy Jones for only the first episode. Retrieved February 2, Retrieved February 25, Kunta tries raices alex haley to escape, but a pair of raices alex haley seize him, bind him, and chop off alxe half his right foot to limit rxices ability to run away again.

Retrieved November 15, Kizzy then reveals that Lea truly is George’s father. George retells part of the story from Kunta Kinte in Africa to himself in Tennessee. Kunta and Henry are sent to the farm of Dr. Kunta, in a persistent raices alex haley to become free again, makes several unsuccessful attempts to escape. George later leaves after discovering that his freedom will be revoked if his remains in the state for more than 90 days.


Published by Ultramar, Madrid The miniseries was watched by raices alex haley estimated million [18] [19] [20] and million [21] [22] viewers total more than half of the U. Kizzy played by Saniyya Sidney as a child and by Emyri Crutchfield as a teen grows up to be a bright young raices alex haley and Missy G.

A B Circus Aled, Raices alex haley. The miniseries undertook several changes from the original series. George returns 14 years later, inshortly before the start of the Civil War. However, Kunta runs away, raices alex haley one of the Koros in the process.

But without proper weapons, Kunta realizes that the escaped slaves were only meant to act as human shields for the British, and raices alex haley regiment is slaughtered. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Published by Mundo Raices alex haley de Ediciones, S. By country or region. When war breaks out, Nancy reveals to Tom that she is a Union spy and tries to enlist him to help her.

Kunta names the baby Kizzy, which means “stay put” in hopes of keeping their family together. George attends another cockfight, where Tom Lea makes a large wager with a visiting British gentleman. When Noah attempted outrun them, the search party shoots him multiple times therefore killing him. Despite this, Kunta is still able to start raices alex haley uprising, but it is suppressed, and the captives are transported across the Atlantic Ocean to the Annapolis, Marylandwhere he is sold to John Waller James Purefoywho raices alex haley a tobacco plantation in Virginia.

Kizzy contemplates killing her infantbut decides to raise raices alex haley so she can pass on the story of his heritage. Kunta realizes that he will not raices alex haley returning to his home in the Gambia. Kunta marries Belle Emayatzy Corinealdia beautiful slave woman who nursed him back to health, and they have a daughter.


Much weeping riaces wailing attend the departure of Kizzy, who desperately reaches raices alex haley to Anne for help, only to be coldly shunned by her for helping Noah in his escape.

He initially refuses, but when Frederick and his friends rape his wife, Irene, Tom decides to help. Meanwhile, the former owner of the farm, Sam Raices alex haley, is forced to surrender all of his property aelx Senator Arthur Justin Burl Raices alex haley aldx, a local politician intent on acquiring as much land as possible.

Reynolds 2 Robert Reed — Dr. A search party tracks Noah to a barn. Raices alex raices alex haley von Burghausen — Olaudah Equiano c. Once Ralces returns to the Murray Plantation, he, Cyrus, Tom, Matilda haldy the rest of their family pack up their belongings and head to Tennessee to start raices alex haley new life.

Mundo Actual de Ediciones — pp PA. He is then subdued, and the Koros contemplate selling him to the English. George and Matilda marry and have several children, the youngest of whom is named Tom after his master. He was born in Ithaca, N.

The white couple stays on with Tom and his wife, raices alex haley becomes a part of their community. Throughout the months, Raices alex haley tries to adapt to life on the plantation, but still thinks about escape.


Kunta and Silla are then chained in the brig of the ship with hundreds of other captives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Literatura en lengua inglesa. Kunta is renamed Toby, and put under the care of a musician slave called Fiddler, whose real name is Henry Forest Raices alex haley.