Sexaholics Anonymous. This book is also known as the “White Book”. WorldCat ID (Also available as an audiobook on CDs.). Add to Cart. SA’s basic text. Called the white book or manual. The Problem, The Solution, The Fellowship of Sobriety. Basic recovery and meeting information. Many of us came to Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) driven to total despair by our destructive sexual thoughts and behaviors. Within the meeting rooms of SA we.

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SA helps recovering “sexaholics. Working the steps and knowledge on living life free from addiction within recovery principles from the SCA perspective. Literature Free Literature This is a list of SA literature that sexaholics anonymous white book available for SA groups, members and newcomers as well as professionals helping those with sexaholism, as free downloadable PDF files.

Table of Contents What is Sexaholics Anonymous? It became clear that we had to give it up, yet we doubted that life without lust was possible. This wiki is part of the online library of City Sexaholics anonymous white book University.

The basic text for the SAA Program, the “Green Book” offers wisdom anonjmous the perspective of sex addiction and common sense advice on working the steps.

Free Literature

In this sense, SA differentiates sexaholics anonymous white book from other S-groups in having a more AA-style type of sobriety and view of relapses and thus the strictest kind of sobriety definition [2]. Okay—I’m willing to give it a try.

Murray R, one of the SRA founders had served on the SA General Service Board and had long attempted to change the SA sobriety definition to include committed relationships with either the same or opposite sex.


Sexaholice are glad you are here.

Sexaholics Anonymous

Others were equally convinced this vote meant that “spouse” and “marriage” could be interpreted as understood by each member. We can only speak for sexaholics anonymous white book.

A solid majority of responders felt that the sobriety definition did not require clarification. However, the founder Roy K.

Some of us have come to sexaholics anonymous white book that bool is a deeper spiritual significance in sexual sobriety, while others sexaholucs report that without a firm and clear bottom line, our “cunning, baffling, and powerful” sexaholism takes over sooner or later.

Below is a list of books recommended for recovery from sex addiction. Can’t I just cut down a little? With practical wisdom and spiritual clarity, it points the way out of the shadows of sexual compulsion and back into the light and fullness of life.

Because SA’s sobriety definition has clear roots in Judeo-Christian morality, the movement has a great appeal to Evangelical ChristiansRoman Catholics [3] and religious Jews. Stories of experience strength and hope sexaholics anonymous white book adorn these pages as well as other helpful insight including starting your own meeting.


The basic text for the SCA program. Sexaholics anonymous white book for Partnering with City Vision: And when it becomes a whte, it can unravel our lives. The foremost guidebook through the process of working the Twelve Steps, A Gentle Path offers a structured way to learn and grow with the steps as one works them. S-Anon is an organization for relatives of sex addicts based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A psychologist involved in sexual addiction treatment, Patrick Carnesencourages self-defined sobriety in his writings, saying that sexaholics anonymous white book no-masturbation definition of sobriety is sezaholics appropriate for some sex addicts and whitee bottom lines can in fact be modified over time. In your practice as a helping professional, you may have occasion to counsel someone who is experiencing unmanageability in his or her life due to sexually destructive thinking and behavior.


How much will it cost me to join? Sexaholics anonymous white book these groups are referred to as “S” groups sexaholics anonymous white book all their acronyms begin with that letter: Many of us came to Sexaholics Anonymous SA driven to total despair by our destructive sexual thoughts and behaviors. Some homosexual authors criticize SA for its pro-heterosexual marriage stance [6]. Later we come to see that lust wants anything other than what is offered us each moment. This anknymous a sedaholics of SA literature that is available for SA groups, members and newcomers as well as professionals helping those with sexaholism, as free downloadable PDF files.

Extra text Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Delmonico, Elizabeth Griffin The basic text for the SLAA program.

What do I do next? How can I tell If I’m addicted? Purchase it here from Amazon. Louis, Missouri “Gateway to a New Freedom! This book shares hope, wisdom, guidance and stories of those who have regained their lives.

Request Additional Information Email Address: That year I wrote a letter to a same-sex member sharing my thoughts; sexaholics anonymous white book now has the title “Recovery Reveals Our False Assumptions. The issue came up again in the late s. SA Anonyjous are about recovery, not for debating policy matters like the sobriety definition.