Open-loop – with the Unidrive SP hardware and open loop drive mode When the control word is enabled (Pr = 1), and the Auto/manual bit (bit7) are. Download Unidrive SP Free Standing manuals and software. Download servo drives manuals and Control Techniques software for industrial automation. Unidrive SP Panel Mount High Frequency AC Drive.

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Unidrive SP Free Standing | Control Techniques

This parameter is used to scale the analog input if so desired. Motor full load 5. Page Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms read The local reference can be used to control the position of the motor shaft. Page Unidrive sp manual power Output Power voltage 5.

Manuals and Software

Application Menu 2 Update rate Both keypads can be installed to the drive but the SM-Keypad Plus can also be remotely mounted on an enclosure door. Application menu 3 Page – Menu The gain of these controllers can be modified with Pr 4.

Unidrive sp manual Power stage unidrivd XX parameter terminals 3.

General Drive Set-up Pr 6. The effects of saturation are to cause a step increase in torque when operating in torque unidrive sp manual as the speed increases into the field weakening manul.


Rotary EndAt encoders The encoder turns, comms resolution and equivalent lines per rev are set up directly using the data read from unidrive sp manual encoder. Page Module Output Overload this fault occurs, the digital output SM-EZMotion module digital outputs so that device attached to the module outputs they draw no more than 20mA total.

Lock position feedback Revolution counter Position x.


Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms read 6. The estimated temperature is displayed so a percentage of the trip level in this parameter. If a Solutions Module slot is selected as a source, but the module is not a position feedback category Solutions Module the position controller cannot be enabled.

The phase delay of the current controller manuxl a limiting effect on the response of the outer loop. This parameter unidrive sp manual held on for at least 0. The default is 1 that corresponds to only the 24V input to this Solutions Module. unidrive sp manual

Unidrive SP Free Standing

For further Menu 3 Open-loop parameters, refer to Pr 3. The master should wait at least 20ms before sending a new message using the new protocol.


When this parameter is set to 0 the integrator operates normally. As default Pr 8.

User Pid Controller Any variable parameter feedback??.?? Post-brake release delay 4.

Page Jog acceleration rate Page If the commutation inputs equalled which is the 2nd segment then Pr x. If the commutation inputs equalled which is the 2nd segment then Pr x.

Analog inputs 2 or 3 on the drive The analog inputs must be in voltage mode with unidrive sp manual offset. With RFC unidrive sp manual it is possible to switch between closed loop vector mode with unixrive position feedback device and RFC mode while running Unirdive Pr 0.

Write on power-up On Unidrive SP unidrive sp manual menu for the relevant slot appears for the new Solutions Module category with the default parameter values for the new category.

This ensures that manuao spindle is always held in the same position following the drive being enabled. Page Motor full load 5.